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What Our Customers Say

“Best Insurance place period! Helped me out and multiply clients of mine. Great service! ”

Justin V

“Tom Sokol is the best at discussing your life insurance needs. The best agent anyone could ask for in the Macomb, Shelby twp. Area. He cares about your needs and will listen and advise!

 Best staff and service!”

Mark P.

“Happy with the entire process, Tom issued some policies for Life Insurance for our family. Tom was very informational and helpful. He was not pushy or try to influence my decision into something that worked better from him instead of our family. Easy process too! Thank you Tom for all your help and knowledge!! ”

North W.

“Tom, Susie, and the entire staff are wonderful. You can get your insurance needs 'taken care of' anywhere, but if you're looking for people that will treat you with respect, offer only what is best for you, then the Sokol agency is the place for you. ”

Ron C.

“Great customer service! Tom and his team rock. My whole family has life policies through Tom. Honest and the real deal ”


“Tom Sokol’s insurance agency out shines the rest in a world vast with options. I have met with Tom many times to discuss life insurance and possible retirement options. With so many people trying to sell you and push out the door, Tom does not. Tom takes the time to explain every aspect of something you are purchasing, and make sure you feel comfortable. I was nervous when purchasing my first life insurance policy, for myself. Why do I need all this money if I’m gone? Toms explains it’s not for me but my family to make sure they are taken care of, and have the ability to have the life that I would have been able to provide them if I was still there with them. Death is something no one wants to think about but as in anything in life it is better to be prepared then not. Tom is here to make sure you are prepared and prepared to make sure your family is taken care of. ”

Scott K.

“Tom Handles our life insurance needs. It's a conversation that I encourage everyone to have with him. He's educated, caring, and has only 'YOUR' best interests in mind, not the business's. %110.00 professional :) ”

Sophia W.

“Tom and his staff are first class. He made me feel very comfortable and helped me come up with a Life Insurance plan that was easy to understand and within my budget. ”

Susan S.